These Are Short Stories

I’m an English major at Trent University with a passion in short story writing. I’m also a huge advocate of free media and it would be immensely hypocritical of me to keep my short stories to myself.

So, that’s what you’ll find here: my short stories. So come waste your time with me for thirty minutes every once in a while. Take part in the writing experience of a peer of yours. I may not be famous or acclaimed but that doesn’t mean my stories are any less original or that they can’t inspire you. I’m convinced this can be good for you, this can be therapy for you as much as it is for me to write them. Maybe you’ve been meaning to write short stories of your own for some time and haven’t found the time? This is an urge to make the time. Maybe my stories will differ so greatly from your values that they make you angry and you create another outlet by writing responses to my ignorance? That would be fine too. Or, maybe, just maybe, one of my stories happens to be genuinely good and you sit down and enjoy reading something for half an hour.


Michael W Bradburn


Made In China preface

Made In China


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